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Thread: The weather and Skiing?

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    The weather and Skiing?

    Ill be in town soon and am wondering what the weather is like up there? Are the streets walkable or is it colder/froid and snowier than ever?

    If you wanted to go for a day trip skiing somewhere near Montreal, is there such a place? What's it called? Can you drive an hour or 2 outside of the city and get some skiing in and head back?

    Im already booked at the Delta Montreal on Kennedy, hope thats a decent place, cant wait to get back up there.

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    Weather in Quebec is as predictable as a stock market analysis these days...large temperature fluctuations, not much natural snow left in Montreal and many icy patches, thanks to the rain we got during the holidays. Some snow accumulations forecasted this week (20-25 cm).

    For the ski hills, it's cold enough (-10C) to make artificial snow. The closest resorts in the Laurentians are in the St-Sauveur area (about 1 hour drive from downtown Montreal) but the denivellations in the St-Sauveur valley are limited (max. 180-200 m). The big hill in the Laurentians is Tremblant with some 650 m of vertical drop, but you'll need to drive 1 hour more to get there. You may want to go on in the Eastern Township to Bromont...about an hour drive from downtown with a vertical drop of some 385 m.

    Good luck!

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    Big storm due in the next 24 hours. If you enjoy XC skiing, the skiing in Parc Mont-Royal, while not challenging, is quite enjoyable as there are tons of people up there. The atmosphere is almost one of winter carnival, what with all the people skiing, those skating on the lake, and the very busy toboggan run next to the lake.
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    Depends on your ability level...

    What is you ability level ? What is your idea of the best ski run ?
    Indeed there is a good storm approaching for Thursday that should leave 20-25cm. Will you ski week days or week end ?
    If you are staying Downtown I would go in the Eastern township, Highway 10 to Bromont for fair size mountain with a good choice of well groomed runs; 50 minutes drive from the Delta hotel. And an other 20 minutes further east on Route 139 will take you to Mont-Sutton ( with some of the best glades skiing (sous bois) in the eastern continent.
    PM me if you want details or have other questions.

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    Thanks- My skill level is novice/intermediate. Im not looking for the steepest hill, nice long run would be good. I dont go all the time and would like to get back at it again. Ill be going on a weekday most likely. Im a total anglophone, will I get by?

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    Hi skiers

    why don't you pay yourself a treat and go skiing in the Alps. I know a lot about the region and you will go crazy. You can ask me any question about it, it will be a pleasure to help you.

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