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Thread: christine montreal companion

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    christine montreal companion

    wow $500 an hour a little JUMPPPPPP from $180 in just one week in moth of January and trible economic condition?.Kevin Christine are you for real?.I will not say much let the customers decide and I belive adjusting with inflation but COME ONNNNNNN.
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    i think she wants her $500 security deposit back from the

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    Quote Originally Posted by kill_shill
    i think she wants her $500 security deposit back from the
    or she wants to please her sugar daddy I will be exclusive to you .

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    She is a really really sexy lady.... but not that sexy!

    She is tough to book so it must be a question of supply and demand... a couple of rich guys must be going bonkers over her!

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    j'ai trouver ca !!

    Sur cette page elle est annoncer a 180 $$

    alors je me demande si la loi du prix le plus bas s'applique aussi ??

    a 180 $$ ca va mais a 500$ non pas vraiment !!!

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    I wanted to see her as she's a very beautiful girl...but at 500$!?!?

    I think she'll soon realize she's making a big mistake! I dont believe there are that many dupe customers out there....or is there?

    Either she'll see the harsh reality and come to her senses or she'll have to move to Toronto/Vegas with those prices...

    C'mon Kevin, talk some sense into your girl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin montreal geisha

    Christine ••back on business with MTLC's new pricing system•• a gem, but not for every budget
    500.00$ / hour GFE
    800.00$ / 2 Hours
    2000.00$ / full day
    available on rendez-vous, reservation or advanced booking only.
    Look at the bright side, if you see her for two hours you'll save $200!! It would interesting to see how many, if any, bookings she gets at this rate.
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    Question Judgement call?

    I suppose with her looks she was much in demand and somehow was persuaded either by word or by the attention of the more affluent types that she could sustain herself almost exclusively with the high end clientele. That is the way of it I suppose. Great if one is a true HDH and can pull it off. Or perhaps an SP feels the loss of volume and subsequent income is not an issue. I wonder if for a few of them the popularity begins to wan and they end up trying all kinds of strategies to keep themselves in the loop. Much easier to raise prices dramatically than to lower them again. That kind of thing marks a person, I would imagine .
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    For that price she better offer one hell of a stimulus package.

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    Wow, je suis heureux d'avoir rencontrer Christine à 180$/hrs lorsqu'elle a débuter. Oui elle est vraiment spécial, Christine a été # 1 pour moi et surement pour plusieurs d'entres-vous, mais à 500$ je crois qu'elle fait une petite erreur. Après tout selon ma rencontre avec Madamme, elle a bien profiter de moi, oups ma queue ( haha ) Chère Christine, reveint à un prix de 180 $ / hrs, tu sera notre meilleur partenaire...

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    500.00 ?????????

    Never mind sould Alexis Labranche in the quebecois series sould tell her. Not for GFE, if she don't want to do the business, get out of the kitchen. She was # 1 on my list even at 250.00 $ a couple of weeks ago, but 500.00 $ she far away on my prefered list.

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    Hate me for this if you want, but I always thought that it was stupid for an SP not to raise her rate if there is always or almost always a waiting list for her. If she gets one third of the bookings at $500 she got at $180, after paying the agency, she will probably be well ahead financially and certainly better rested.

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    Maybe the agency will give away discount coupons!

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    Talking !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by misunderstood
    Maybe the agency will give away discount coupons!
    You're right! 20$ rebate if you're downtown!

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