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Thread: Oil price down,Gas price up?

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    Question Oil price down,Gas price up?

    I understand that since the price of oil is based on US dollars, a weaker Canadian dollar will result in a higher price at the pumps. But surely the Canadian dollar hasn't dropped enough to justify the extortionate price hike. Have the oil companies given any explanation? Or are they just exploiting the great Canadian tradition of appathy? Any ideas folks?
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    I think you answered it well yourself....

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    Oil companies and gas stations are theives. They'll only have a few more years and when everything goes electric, they'll be done. Electric is the future and the oil barons will be replaced with electric charging stations or something to that effect. More electricity demand, our electric bills will probably go through the roof. Either way, we're paying. Just cleaner.

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    Twenty cent price increase.

    Did you notice recently that the price at the pumps were jacked up 20 cents. The the next ween they droped it by 9 cents at the begining of the week and buck up at the end of the week. All this to make us feel that we are getting a bargain price. Big oil is a bunck of crooks.
    The price of a barrel of oil is low now, buy I have no doubt that the price will increase as the economy gets better.

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    If only I knew...
    I was reading this week in Journal De Montreal one of the major in Oil Industry just reported record profits for 2008, even with some loss that were higher than in 2007.

    They are just a bunch of legalized thieves.

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    Question taxes !!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all
    i was in Brockville Ontario last saturday ,2 hours drive from Montreal
    i did payed 74 Cents a liter at Sonoco .

    for info ;

    betwenn Cornwall and Brockville ,5 LE ( OPP ) radars on the 401
    i was cruzin' at 110 KM/h , so no problemo

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger
    Hope price will come down to somewhere like $0.69 for Valentine's Day.

    I will bet you a tank of gas it won't!

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    Usually, at Vars exit on 417, between Montreal and Ottawa, gas is cheaper than Ottawa. I stopped and paid .78 Friday, expecting to see about .08 in Ottawa and .84 in Hull. Surprise! .76 in Hull! Montreal was at .87 - .89 at some locations.

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    Angry Cocksuckers

    They raise it to 95 cents a liter this morning.

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    Here's part of the answer....

    supply and demand...

    we're driving less miles the last few months

    so gas dropped when we were demanding less gasoline. now the supply is in issue, so rates will go up.

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    Go slow gas price ratio.

    i suggest a GO SLOW gas price ratio where if the oil is at $40 per barrel then we will only pay 80 cents ( 2 cents for every dollar of the price of oil per barrel ) $40 per barrel = 80 cents per liter. If the price at the pumps are higher then the public implements a go slow and buy as little gas as possible. This would intrease their supplies and force them to lower gas prices to get rid of inventory.

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