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Thread: An interesting (and amusing) advertisement by an agency on this board

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    An interesting (and amusing) advertisement by an agency on this board

    The other day when i was surfing the site, an advertisement i saw really caught my eye, to say the least:

    I had a good chuckle when i saw this part:

    No fucked-up girls
    No exploited girls, ABSOLUTELY no exploitation
    No girls associated with weird stories and always changing places to avoid consequences

    No blow to human dignity
    No manipulation

    I remember thinking i hoped whoever recruited for the agency really deserves to be paid very well, since he or she definitely has his/her work cut out for them. Considering these job conditions & strict requirements, it definitely isn`t an easy job to be an escort recruiter. The best of luck to the above-mentionned recruiter(s)!!

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    Doc, some agency just try too hard...
    How can anybody know what "baggage" anybody carries after talking to them a few minutes? Even a few hours isn't enough for some!

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    from one of their posts on this board:
    And... If an AGENCY takes advantage of their private website to offer you FREE HOURS either on the form of a phony contest or directly for publishing (I'd say more CREATING, INVENTING) wonderful reviews here on merb on their girls or trashing other agencies and girls, communicate with us on private and tell us about the whole thing. Now it's the time we assemble all the info. It's a racket, and the only winner at the end is not the girl, neither you. There is a limit one cannot cross when trying to fuck with the system... Ever wondered why some really good agencies never get any reviews here? Or ever wondered why some agencies ALWAYS GET REVIEWS even with girls that were absolute nullity elsewhere before?

    What's the point of advertising on merb if it's CORRUPTED TO THE BONE by some sneaky and money hungry nobodies who have to hide behind close doors to do there shitty and dishonnest business based on false representation? What's the point if being an old member having a lot of post here means you can be bought and then abuse the credibility of na´ve new members? Think about it... You are hungry for sex and don't have big money reservoirs, you have a lot of posts here on merb, you become a CORRUPTED merb member... You don't have to pay anymore for the girls that come to your place, you just write reviews to generate business to chummy... Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...

    Who wants to support dishonnest people? If they were to succeed in their project of grabing all the market, which will not happen ( ) They would then be dishonnest with you, don't you think so? A Motherfucker remains a Motherfucker wherever and whenever he breathes.


    i realy thing they could do great, i went with them recently, and have nothing but good things to say about the booking process, the girl's attitude and service, etc.

    but this kind of open attacks on the competition is not the way to go IMHO wether or not the views expressed are valible, to try and set yourself up by putting others down is cheap at the verry least.i'd like to say i wish them the best... but they're not helping their cause with this kind of attitude

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