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Thread: 49 dead after plane crashes in Buffalo, N.Y.

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    49 dead after plane crashes in Buffalo, N.Y.

    49 dead after plane crashes in Buffalo, N.Y., house....

    Quote Originally Posted by montrealgazette

    BUFFALO, N.Y. — A plane carrying 48 people crashed into a house in a suburb of Buffalo, N.Y. Thursday, killing everyone onboard, authorities said.

    The Canadian-built Bombardier Q400 turboprop plane was on a flight from Newark, N.J., to Buffalo when it crashed into a house in Clarence Centre amid rain and sleet at about 10:20 p.m., officials said.

    CNN reported that one person was killed in the house hit by the plane.

    A spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs in Canada said the department was investigating whether there were any Canadians onboard the ill fated flight.

    "Foreign Affairs is aware of the plane crash and we are working closely with local authorities and ready to provide consular assistance as required to Canadians," said spokesperson Lisa Monette. "We continue to investigate."

    The Continental Express flight, number 3407, operated by Colgan Air, crashed about 9 kilometres short of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, according to the Federal Aviation Authority. There were 44 passengers onboard along with four crew members in the 74-seat plane.

    Recording of conversations in the final minutes between the pilot and the control tower posted on the Internet reveal a routine landing moments before the plane seems to disappear.

    The pilot continually updates the a tower operator on the descent. The pilot's final words are "Colgan 3407 now approaching." The tower then asks another pilot nearby if they can see the plane. It's a negative. Tower then makes attempts to reach the plane, but receives no response.

    "There was an aircraft over the marker and we're not talking to him," said a control operator.

    "He was clear for the approach, he went over the tower, he didn't call the tower... we couldn't get a hold of him... he went down about five miles northwest over the airport," said a control tower operator, moments later.

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    Very Sadden With The News. On Top Of That It Hit A House, Imagine The Luck That Poor Family Has Sitting In There Living Room Watching A Show And Then Bang.....that's Fucked Up.

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