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Thread: Pay what you can @ Taverne Crescent

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    Pay what you can @ Taverne Crescent

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    I was at a buffet once where this dirt bag had 3 dirty plates in front of him and then he went to get 2 more mounds of food that he barely touched. He was telling his kid that it was OK bcause we paid for it. At another table there was this big fat bitch with long straight hair and facial hair on her lips. When the restaurant staff brought shrimps on a skewer to the buffet, she went and got 2 mounds of shrimp 10 inches high and she stood in front of the shrimps so that her daughter could bring her more plates to fill up. When she left the buffer table she had taken 8 plates of shrimps for her family of 2 adults and 3 kids.
    I have also seen people loading up buffet food into hand bags to take home from the buffet tables. All you need is one of these low lifes to go into that restaurant on Crescent Street and the deals off!
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    I agree its factored in but that probably wont happen very often and all in

    all so far its brought more business to the Taverne.

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