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Thread: How Much Is A Stripper Worth

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    How Much Is A Stripper Worth

    So Last Night Me And My Boys Went To La Boom To Party And Get Wasted We Went And It Was A Bunch Of Underage Kids Eigther That Or Im Getting Too For This Shit So Anyways We Were 4 Of Us Me And One Of My Boys We Get Bored So We Hit Up Chez Paree. I Got My Friend A Hot Ass Milf And I Got Me This Young Looking Hto Sexy Stripper That Looked Liek She Was BLANKED Up Wtv It Didnt Bother Me We Get In The Booth And She Starts BLANKING So Wtv Io Ask Her For Extra She Sais Not Here And Then I Ask Her How Much She Says BLANK I Start Laughing So Anyways Were There She BLANKS And I Start Doing BLANK On Her And She Didnt Midn I Was Surprised Because My Buddy Was Not Allowed Anyways She Said We Cant Mess Around Here And She Gave Me Her Number But What I Wanna Know Is Whats The Most Shes Worth.She Is Fawking Hot 9/10 Bubble Butt Slim And Huge Fakeish Rack
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    thjere i edited the post

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    and im not saying she has a fixed price im saying whats the most i should look foward to paying

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