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Thread: bj Duration? How long is too long?

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    bj Duration? How long is too long?

    OK this post is cracking me up!

    Ladies, please set the record straight and tell us how long is "too long" to give a blow jay???


    Love always,
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    Hah, that is pretty funny. I've never given it much thought. My experiences have been until coming or until I handed her a condom. I'll bring a stopwatch next time

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    This is too long!

    When I was new to the business I once gave a [SIZE=``4``]2 1/2 hour ![/SIZE]
    The guys was stoned on coke and couldn`t cum and kept saying, Don`t stop, just a few minutes more, I am on the edge, I am almost there...

    I kept thinking to myself, there is another $XX towards my rent....

    He never came. He went broke first.

    The next day I couldn`t open my mouth my jaw muscles were so sore! I could hardly eat!

    That was way too long! I swore never again! (...and I never did... another 2 1/2 hour that is!)

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    My guess is that Mr. is grossly overestimating the DATY time and possibly grossly underestimating the time.

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