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Thread: Advice Needed!

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    Question Advice Needed!

    I am making my first of many trips to the Montreal area right now and could use some advice to maximize my time and minimize the cost!

    I have read a bunch of threads making recommendations on private vs studios vs clubs, etc. Bottom line is that I am looking for massage and fs for a reasonable price (<$150) with some hot young (21 - 27) french girls. I love the idea of students, because at least they are clean and just trying to get a little extra cash. I am very open to other experiences (The Thai massage sounds interesting) as I am pretty new to this scene, but I am staying downtown and do not have a car.
    I have always heard about the great deals in this city, but at the same time don't want to see any drug users.

    Any advice??

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    I just have to add this:

    Good massage and HJ in Montreal ain't expensive (an hour plus the fun at the end, way less that $100 all done... and usually with a decent massage).

    Outcall escorts will run you certainly less than $200 for an hour, and that will usually get you a really nice girl and a relaxed hour. Agencies such as Asservissante have rates on their website in the $120 $140 range, and the reviews of most of the girls seems pretty good.

    You can have alot of fun in Montreal for less than a couple of hours in any other city around... unless you want to go to asia!

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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