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Thread: Classic Playboy magazines free online...

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    Classic Playboy magazines free online...

    I don't know about anyone else here at MERB, but Playboy was a big part of my youth! Well now they have made 53 back issues available for everyone to enjoy and for some of us to remember the women we lusted for in our youth when the Playmates were actually older than we were!

    There are some real classic issues there also, and the web presentation is great.

    The story is here:,00.asp

    The direct link is here:


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    It just sucks the issues stop at 2007 and you have to install a special

    browswer to view them.
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    Great link Techman. Brings back great mamories...I mean memories. Lots of great art and style in those earlier issues.

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    If i send this link to one of my uncles, maybe he'll finally forgive me for stealing a few magazines from his collection back in the 70's.

    I fondly remember the first Playboy issue i ever laid my eyes on. It was a January issue (1976 i think) and the centerfold was named Daina House. Every single day during a stay at my relatives i'd sneak up to my uncle's room & take a peak at her.

    The first Playboy issue that i ever purchased on my own (actually, it's possible one of my older friends from back then bought it for me) was some anniversary issue & i remember the anniversary's playmate named something like Candy Loving. The cover of the magazine was red, if i remember correctly. Unless i'm mistaken, the centerfold in that particular issue was named Dorothy Stratten, the infamous Vancouver girl who wound up as Playmate of the Year & later getting killed by her estranged husband (Paul Snyder?). Ah, Dorothy!!

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