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Thread: LE activity on the rise.

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    LE activity on the rise.

    I just want to warn other members that LE activity seems to be on the rise. I have spoted 2 SWs being questioned on the side of the street by the LE, and one SW being taken away this week(possibly for warrants or unpaid fines).
    I just want you all to be carefull near residential areas, this is the place where LE will act on the complaints of the residents. Never name the act or the price, let the SW do that. (she might turn out to be the LE).
    As they use to say on Hill Steet Blues. Hey, lets be careful out there!

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    LE activity.

    LE activity spotted on Ontario Street near Moreau and Iberville streets

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    Remember they're not supposed to let you touch them so if you ask and they hesitate in any way, LEAVE.

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    Ad campaign

    This isn't necessarily limited to street action, but it was reported on LCN this week that the Montreal PD were running ads in the north and south shore weeklies warning potential clients of prostitution rings that the police was watching them. The suburban papers were used because, according to the report, 90% of the clients in automobiles of Montreal prostitution rings are not from Montreal.

    Has anyone seen one of these ads or heard anything else about this campaign?

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