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Thread: Question on Outcall services

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    Question on Outcall services

    Just wondering if the outcall services don't respond to telephone area codes from the U.S.

    For example I filled in the Devilish on line reservation request last week and followed up with a call the next day prior to my trip to Montreal but never received a response or call back. So I decided to go with my second choice, a CL independent massage based on reviews from this board. Had a great time BTW so I guess it all worked out for the best.

    But, I am just curious if my phone area code has something to do with the lack of response or should I have waited until I was in Montreal before I call?

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    Save yourself the long distance fee and call when your in Montreal.
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    Phone Devilish and ask. But, maybe that's the paradox isn't it?
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    Thanks for responding guys. As for phoning Devilish, been there, done that. Too many other options for me to worry about their lack of response.

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