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Thread: a social Montreal Jazzfest evening- companion desired

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    a social Montreal Jazzfest evening- companion desired

    I will be visiting Montreal in early July and attending some of the Jazzfest events. I have good tickets for some events @ Place des Arts ( PDA)and would enjoy the company of a classy lady, say 28-39 to accompany me there. In all likelihood, an evening of approx. 4 hours equally divided between time at the performance and downtown hotel time .

    I'm thinking that an independent may best meet my needs in terms of maturity and some flexability with respect to time. What would likely expectations be re: compensation ? Regular hourly rate x 4? A theatre package rate, that differentiates for the performance time @ the theatre ? A package rate for 2 x 4 hour Jazzfest evenings.

    All going well, it may be mutually beneficial to have the same companion accompany me for 2 evenings. So that would be potentially 8 hours then, evenly divided between hotel and Jazzfest theatre performances @ PDA. Would independent ladies take this into account with respect to consideration for say a 2 evening proposal. Obviously enjoyment of this type of entertainment and outing would be an important factor. The experience in my area is that some ladies factor a reduced rate for strictly social time.

    I would appreciate the thoughts/ recommendations of gentlemen or lady escorts with specific experience or knowledge in this regard.

    Thank you for any assistance since I have not the experience in Montreal.

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    Welcome aboard snugableone. I just spent such an evening and I too am a Montreal visitor.

    I encourage you to do your research in the advertising section for indies. Read and re-read their websites. Many offer extended packages as you describe but can differ in rates and services. Many advertise as offering such dates but request you contact them about specific rates etc. Especially if you are considering a double-header [no pun intended]

    It takes some effort but well worth it. You've got time before the Jazz fest. And I think the ladies appreciate the initiative when us guys "do our homework."

    Have fun.
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