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    Anyone who has teksavvy , can you tell me how

    1. If they serve Montreal ,
    2. If their phone service gives access to 911, or is that shaky
    3. how is their internet service in regards to throttling
    4. pricing good bad.


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    good internet service ,32 per month full yes ,the serve mtl

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    Hi Ocean:

    1. Teksavvy does provide service to Montreal
    2. Their 911 service is just as reliable as any other VOIP or VOIP-esque service, which is essentially on par with POTS.
    3. In regards to throttling, you are subjected to the same "Internet Traffic Management" system that the rest of the Bell network is subjected to. Teksavvy, like ALL OTHER DSL providers in Montreal, are leasing Bell's lines. However, Teksavvy is known to use different DSLAMs than BCE which allow workarounds via SLPPP linux software which can circumvent Bell's "Internet Traffic Management" system; this workaround has not been known to work with Bell's DSLAMs.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you do not care about customer service and technical support, Bell incontestably offers the best deal in respects to pricing, bandwidth allowance, speed (best DSL), and reliability (not UBER shared like cable [Videotron]). Unless you want the breakneck speeds of cable (up to 50 Mbps), which again can slow to a halt a peak times, go with Bell DSL.

    ** IMPORTANT SPEED NOTE: ALL resold Bell DSL is limited to 5 Mbps (or it was last I checked) whereas service directly from BCE is available at up to 16 Mbps.
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    You mean to say that TEksavvy has teh best pricing.

    Right now I pay about
    138$ for :
    TV (basic-no fox no specialty canadian english)
    internetnet 10mbps/100G
    phone (boite vocale+ caller ID)
    LD -1000 minutes to Canada/USA

    BTW I will say Videotron Billing is bad and confusing.

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    Hi Ocean, I pay $62.45 a month with taxes and everything in for local phone service with no features and 7 Mbit (60 GB of traffic). I download most of my shows in HD and watch the news etc. via OTA HD (though most channels are pretty useless [French]).

    I called 3 or 4 other places, Videotron included, and they couldn't get within $10 for the same services. Maybe they offer better bundling options though.


    Also, forgot to mention Tek Savvy is EXTREMELY generous with their bandwidth allowances. It's like 200 GB or unlimited (YES TRULY UNLIMITED, at 5 Mbps albeit).

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