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Thread: Happy July 4th/Independence Day U.S.A.

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    Happy July 4th/Independence Day U.S.A.

    Hello all,

    Celebrating 233 years since the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and giving endless gratitude to all citizens and soldiers who have done and sacrificed so much to insure and protect all that is great in our country. Special gratitude to all of those who have given their lives in the cause of bestowing and protecting Constitutional rights and liberties for all in the U.S.A.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot
    and liberties for all in the U.S.A.


    And a special 'thanks a lot' goes out to the Vermont national guard for protecting our border from a mass invasion of montreal's finest

    Semper Fi

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    I wish a happy July 4th/Independance Day to all the American merbites.
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    Happy July 4th to all Americans

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    Happy Independance Day to all our American neighbours, especially the American merbites who spend so much of their money here when they come to town!

    Have a great day and light up some fireworks for us!
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    Relax. I was just at Hooters, and this is the new July 4th American event:

    Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest!

    This year, in addition to chicks and the little Japanese dudes, they had elephants! I don't know if the elephants were competing.

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    This thread has been cleaned. If anyone has something insulting or rude to post, please keep it to yourself.

    I would like to add my own best wishes to all our American members on their 4th of July, Independence Day holiday.

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    A belated happy 4th of July to our neighbors to south.

    Stars and Stripes Forever and God Bless America

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