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Thread: Terb dead?

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    Terb dead?

    Anyone nkow what is going on with TERB? I get a database error message when trying to get to the forum? Can anyone get to it?

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    Same here, was gonna post on here too, you beat me to it, to answer your question, I don't know what the problem is.

    Just read on perb that they are working on it.
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    We are doing some work on both TERB and PERB servers, hopefully they will back up later tonite.
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    TERB is back online

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    Seems like forums are doing updates/maintenance all over. I have had issues for various reasons on other Asia related forums

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    I experienced the same problems with Merb this past weekend. When Merb got working okay again & i then experienced the same problem with Terb, i figured it must have been caused by maintenance/server issues. Everything back running good again.
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