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Thread: How to search??

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    How to search??


    I'm trying to figure out how to search the board. The board does not allow you to search for any term less than 4 characters so if you search for something like "big tit" or "big ass" or even "big tits" you are told to go back and redifine the criteria. In any case can anyone shed some light on how to get the board to search these terms? wildcards?


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    Try Big*

    Feel free to look at the following thread: Search Engine


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    Yes, use a * next to the small word you wish to find :-)

    Also there is this from Strongbeau, a prominent TERB member that has written an extensive thread on the subject of searching, and how to use the resouces in databases with more ease and success:

    Search Made Simple - Tips and tricks for searching TERB and other databases

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