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Thread: Leaked Teacher Sex Tape

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    Talking Leaked Teacher Sex Tape

    You must have seen the following news item from a couple of weeks ago. Here's the YouTube news item: Crystal Defanti Sex Tape News Item

    Article en franšais

    I have conducted a google search and have noticed that there were several user comments about the clip on random sites but it had since been removed.

    I have found one site that labels the video as Crystal Defanti's but the background setting is not like the one on the news item clip. Here's the clip: Porn site alleged Defanti clip

    Since a lot of posters here routinely come up with porn links, can someone post a site where the above video might still be available?

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    I love the father asking for counseling for his kid. By fifth grade the kid has probably been watching porn on the net for a couple of years by now.
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    So lol, i would have like to see a tape of one of my hot prof back in the days... Seriously fifth grade...11 y.o ... lol i was full aware of sexuality since a while...cmon...
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    Is the parent at the end of the report really that concerned or does he have to pretend to be so he can be compensated by the state as asettlement in some lawsuit. His kids have a figure in their head of the teacher and He has a figure in his head say 5 to 6 figures.

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