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Thread: Why Don't All SP Do This ?

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    Why Don't All SP Do This ?

    New to the board but have been lurking for years.Never had an experience with a SP...but will eventually have to.

    I recently came across a SP ad (on a different site) & she made it clear that she does not see black clients...she had en majescules " JE NE FAIT PAS LES NOIRS".I think that more SP should clearly outline the clients that they are willing to see & those they won't.For example,at the end of an add " I am open to seeing gentlemen of all races/ethnicities" or "Aucun Noirs!!".Something simple like that. It will prevent a lot of awkward situations for the SP & Client.

    As a black guy,I have no problem with a SP policy of not seeing black clients..her body,her time & her choice.I know that some feel that it's racist & discriminatory.Even if it is..and the SP is a racist herself...So what ?? It's her right to discriminate or have any beliefs that she wishes.Do you know how many people who work outside of the sex industry wish they could control who they work with ? Especially,in terms of race & ethnicity ? So why give the SP a hard time because they have the privilege of being able to choose who they see & do so on racial lines.

    Whatever the reason,maybe she has had bad experiences,or her boyfriend has requested it or she made a promise to herself that I will never let one of those people touch me. I think that her decision should be respected.

    Just my opinion..
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    you man !

    several girls had said to me, they don't like to see the blacks in their jobe, it's not because they are racisms or the blacks guys are most ugly some things like that, NON! they even acknowledged me, blacks guys are very kinds, soft and beautiful, but the top raison is they wanted to avoid the pain at vaginal, here for your answering.

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    Oh boy, here we go again ...

    This topic has been beaten to death here ... so much so that there's a sticky for this.

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    Hello box,

    There is a 25 page thread on this subject and it can be found here:


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