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Thread: 43% of men find beautiful feet on a woman is very erotic

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    Exclamation 43% of men find beautiful feet on a woman is very erotic

    Did you know that 43% of men think that beautiful feet on a woman is highly erotic but I think only 1% of women have beautiful high arched feet with nice long toes & nice toe nails attached to a pair of gorgeous well defined legs.

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    It's not easy finding a good sexy woman with beautiful sexy high arched feet, in fact in the past I have turned down many working women perhaps hundreds of both sp's & mp's because their feet just weren't beautiful enough. It can be a very frustrating experience shopping for a nice woman with beautiful sexy feet just like you love them to be!
    My definition of perfect Dream Feet from a true foot conaisseur who has had years of experience>. First I look at shoe size, & to qualify the lady has to have feet between size 7 & size 81/2. Also the feet have to be attached to a pair of very sexy long shapely legs. I love women who are between 5'5" & 5'9" in height & have a very nice feminine body!
    Your feet must have a very high arch, just like a woman's body is desirable when it has curves in all the right places 36-24-36, a woman's foot that has curves in all the right places is also very desirable & sexy!.
    The way I see it, for a foot to be perfect there needs to be a very high arch or curve or sometimes called pronounced on the underside of the foot and also a roundish arc on the top part of the feet(kind of like when a ballerina is on her toes, you can see the arches of her feet) I estimate that there are only is 1% or 1 in 100 women who truly have all of these desirable details & qualities on her feet.
    Finally for the feet to be truly beautiful, the toes need to be long and straight along with very nice toe nails, and the toe nails need to be at least long enough so that when you look down at the toes they at least cover all the skin. ( I hate very short toe nails & I especially love the captain toe nail to be a little longer than the rest & painted red or a French manicure is always nice.)Furthermore your toes need to be flexible and wiggle easily.
    Right now the only woman I know that has all of these qualities is the masseuse that I am currently seeing once every 2 weeks Jessica of massage kamasutra in Longueil >
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    It's not official, but my own research shows 100% of men like tits.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover View Post
    It's not official, but my own research shows 100% of men like tits.

    LOL, you'd be surprised... apparently some don't like pussy!!!

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    Hey BD and Ben, Just maybe that's not the direction footman wanted his thread to take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanum View Post
    Can someone show me a part of a woman's body that isn't potentially erotic?
    Only because you asked....

    Nice feet are nice! Feet like this.... well, not so much.


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    a (foot)step in the right direction

    Quote Originally Posted by metoo4 View Post
    Hey BD and Ben, Just maybe that's not the direction footman wanted his thread to take?

    Seriously, a (foot)step in the righrt direction is to consider the fact that feet are an important part in the game of seduction. It's not only the feet themselves (in their sheer physicality) that can arouse sexual desire but the feet + a nice pair of shoes.

    For example, you can have a beautiful woman in front of you and she will be unable to arouse sexual desire (or arouse it to a lesser degree) if she wears shitty snickers instead of a nice pair of hig heels or if her feet are covered with corns or simply callous. Not to mention stink foot (dixit Frank Zappa)

    As I wrote somewhere else, I don't have a fixation on a special part of women. I prefer to consider them globally. If a part doesn't suit me, I can discard a woman. But in the balance, I'm looking for nice feet.
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    You can add me to those who find nice feet on a woman to be sexy. I'm not anal about it and it's not a deal killer for me, but I prefer women with small sexy feet over those with large feet with long bony toes. And women, especially dancers, always appreciate a man who knows how to give a great foot massage.
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