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Thread: Hobbying in Hong Kong

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    Hobbying in Hong Kong

    I am going to spend the next 2 weeks in Hong Kong on business...once the jetlag clears, I was hoping to partake in some nice erotic massage sessions.

    The last time I was there, I was unable to find anything good, one place I went eluded to having nice sexy girls but I ended up getting a very professional massage by a guy (was a good massage, I must say, but not what I had in mind).

    Anyone have any suggestions? Sites to check out? specific providers...



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    Quote Originally Posted by dmanmtl View Post
    Anyone have any suggestions? Sites to check out?

    The InternationalSexGuide

    Enjoy your trip,

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    In Hong Kong, hardly finding a local girls who work in this industry, most of them came from China, Filipine or Malayia...

    The best way to do it's to ask the taxi drivers, because they have a knowledge to that.

    If you were in thailand, just asking a taxi driver done a city tour, he drived you directly in that kind of place. They have all the addresses on their litles books.

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    Macau is place to go man... you can take the ferry (about 30 min) or the helicopter (much faster but pricey) and you are in Vegas v2.0 plenty of massage place (FS available) with HUGE line up of girls, casinos, bars...

    I went there 3 year ago and theres one thing you have to avoid:
    Theres a bunch of place thats look like ledgit jewellery store selling replica rolex etc for almost price of a real one. We did a test, we took the serial number and the model wasnt matching the serial and thoses people were asking 9k for it

    Also remember that in massage place in Macau most of european girls havent really decided to do it... I hope the situation changed there with time but if you ever watched the movie human trafficking you cant be closer of it. But most of asians girls there decided to go because they can make good money.

    Last advice... don't go there everyday they stamp your passport every time you get in and out of each country (hk and macau) so if you do it 6-7 times on same trip the guy at customs here in canada when you get back will send you to that little room where they check ALL your stuffs because you gonna have filled like 3 pages of your passport.


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    Was in Hong Kong for business and had the weekend to myself. Decided to take the ferry from Hong Kong to check out the action in Macau. I found a link to the top 5 places on another board and picked the top one – Golden Sauna. This was my first trip to an Asian sauna place. The place is a 10 minute walk from the Macau ferry terminal or you can take an inexpensive taxi.

    I walk in they show me to the changing room, two key locker system (you get a key for your wrist with a number, which is also used for your tab), so felt comfortable my stuff was safe. Change into a towel and walk into the large sauna area, there are 3-4 young girls walking around, didn’t know what they were there for yet. There is a large hot tub, sauna and steam room. You can use as long as you like, no rush, I check out each for a little bit. Past those on the left is a bank of open showers, no shower curtains. On the right is three hand held shower heads with open bottom chairs in front of them. Figured out the girls there are to provide Japanese shower massages. So for $12 (USD) you get a 25 minute shower massage by a cute young girl in a bikini, sitting in the open bottom chair. Of course you are naked while this happens (in the large sauna area) with other customers and employees walking by, after a while you just get used to it. The girl soaped me up, spending plenty of time on my cock and ass, and gives light massage. She rinses me off, puts a towel around my back and then proceeds to soap up my cock again and give me a hand job. After a couple of minutes I indicate for her to stop, wanting to save my load for later. She rinses me off, I dry off and they give me silk shorts and robe and show me to the lounge.

    The lounge has about 50 very comfortable lounge chairs, I grab one and they bring over a large towel to cover my legs. I’m the only non-Asian in the place. They have 2 menus (with English – thank god) – one for food/drink and one for the “services”. Food and drink (except beer - $4) are free. Girl comes over and offers foot massage (on the menu - $12 – 25 minutes) – sure sign me up. Another girl comes over and offers shoulder/head massage ($12 – 25 minutes) – sure sign me up. While I have my two massages going I see another guy get the “line up” – they bring out 10 of the Working Girls (WG), the guy picks one and they head to the back rooms. The WG’s were all Asian, barely clothed (no underwear, just a very sheer short dress thing), young, attractive, and not an ounce of fat on any of them. When my massages were done a fully clothed WG comes over and points to the full service section of the menu asking what I want (up to this point my communications have been mostly pointing and nodding), she only spoke a little English. She was hot and I was interested, but I really wanted the line up for kicks. She brought over the manager, but he didn’t speak much English either, so I said ok – 1 hour full service ($130).

    Go to small room with platform bed and large shower area with reclining chair. We get naked (hot body with big tits), she sits me in the shower reclining chair, and then proceeds to soap me and her up, straddles me and rub our bodies together. After about 15 minutes of fun in the shower we rinse off, dry off and head to the bed. Some LFK and DATY and then on with the cover and go through multiple positions before I pop during doggie. The hour almost up, back in the shower for a quick clean up and head back to the lounge area. I stop in the dining area and got some food (dim sum, noodles and soup – all very good).

    After I ate decided to go back to lounge area and just relax, then the fun began. They cranked up the music and had a disco ball going. All of the WG’s stream out and join a guy in their lounge chairs. I got lucky and this incredibly hot chick (she was an all around 10), who spoke perfect English, joined me. She laid in my arms and we chatted for a few minutes (she asked me why I went with that other girl – I said I am sorry – I’m new to this), the girls get a cue and they all start giving their guys (me too) mini blow jobs. Another cue and musical chairs begin and the girls move over to the next guy, but my girl grabs onto me and doesn’t move (OK with me). This repeats several times, my girl grabs every time there is a change, I’m really digging her (she tells me it’s not on the menu, but if I see a second girl in the night it’s only $110). They then play a game, get me to volunteer, the game being with only your mouth, see who can move pictures taped to a girls breasts and thighs to her stomach fastest. I didn’t win, the winner got a pretty hot lap dance. After the fun was over they asked if I wanted to see any of the girls, I say absolutely! Head to the back rooms.

    She asks if I want to shower, I say no, already showered a few times that night, OK. Quickly get naked and start with lots of DFK (this was a nice change, most Asian girls I saw on this trip only did LFK, if at all). Proceeded to her breasts, on the smaller size but good size nipples that were just so much fun to suck on. Moved down lower (FYI – most Asian girls don’t shave) and she had the most beautiful pussy (small, tight and tasted great). Allowed digits and she was really getting into it. She asks me to fuck her, I say I can fuck all night, she laughs (not knowing I was serious, I think she assumed I would come quickly). On with the cover and I proceed to pound her in every position for a good 30-40 minutes, until she finally says are you ever going to come. I told I can fuck all night, but feeling sorry for her, I told her she could just give me hand job for the rest of the time. Took a quick shower, went to check out and grab ferry back to HK. I was there for about 5 hours, total tab $280, can’t beat that (well, except for maybe a couple of hours with Sarah B).

    Went back the next day and saw her again, again she was just awesome. For round 2 I opted for the 2 hour Thai massage (by a professional massage girl from Thailand) for $60 (HJ included). Another 5 hour experience, total tab this time $200.

    I read a post on another board about the action at the Lisboa Casino and had to check it out before I left. In the basement of the Lisboa Casino is a mini mall area and the WG’s (there was probably 25-30 the night I was there) just casually stroll the halls looking for dates. Groups of guys just hanging out watching them walk up and down the halls. The other board said the going rate was around $100, the girl takes you to her room, one service. Didn’t partake, because I was spent, but all of the girls were hot. Next trip, definitely.

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