Hi Guys;

I'm not sure if there's a thread like this and I apologize in advance if such a thread does exist.

I just got burnt tonight, so I thought I would post a thread on something that amazes me. How agency "bookers" can keep you on the thread, using excuses, thereby avoiding you to call another agency. I think these bookers are really talented. Honestly, these guys/girls are good! Seriously, this whole episode just makes me laugh.

I called Tempted to Touch asking for Maya, even though I got screwed last time with Chrystal, because she was 1:45 minutes late. So tonight, or should I say last night I called Tempted to Touch at 9:45pm and was told that Maya is in Laval and available now. I live near Sources and the 40 so I told the booker to send her in half an hour, since Laval is literally 15 minutes away from where I live and I wasn't ready. For some reason, although 15 minutes away, the charge was $200 and not $180, because I guess it is customary to charge West Island folks a little more, because after all, they have more money Whatever, I agreed, although it was a clear attempt to grab another $20 from me.

10:30 comes around and I wait. Trenus decides to check in at 11pm, because I understand a 30 minute delay. I get a voice message, but I cannot leave a message because the voice mailbox is full :-) At this point, I am committed because I have a professional job, which means I get up at 6am and not 6pm, where plus or minus 30 minutes is not an issue. On a Monday night, one hour of sleep for me is very important.

I got through at 11:10 and was told that the driver got lost and was confused as to where I live exactly. Trenus offers the booker to have the driver call him, in order to guide him in. The booker says there is no need because the driver consulted a taxi driver and knows exactly where he is going. Great! That's settled considering I don't live in Nothern Quebec, near L'ile the Muq-Muq

11:30 comes rolling around. Trenus decides to inquire. Again the voice mail with no possibility of leaving a message, because, again, that mail box is full. I suspect my phone number is known by now, so instead of formulating another excuse, it is probably better not to answer Ok, I understand the game. In her shoes, I probably would not have answered

At 11:45, I finally got through to the female booker. It turns out Maya will be at my place in the next 10 minutes.

At 12:05 the next day, I call again because there is no Maya at my place Again that voice mail with no possibility of leaving a message

Out of desperation and in order to avoid the driver from needlessly coming to place for no reason, Trenus decides to send a text message stipulating that if Maya is not at my place in the next 5 minutes, I cancel the call, because I will be in bed, since I have a long day today, Tuesday.

I receive a text message saying she will be here in the next 10 minutes, maximum.

Now, from a confirmed booking at 10:30pm the day before, we are at almost 12:30am the next day This is really cool, I figure, how this booker can keep me going. I answered that if Maya was not at my place by 12:20, she should expect me to not answer the door, because I would be, in all probability, sleeping. She offered a $20 discount and I refused, telling her it would be the last time I would use her agency, considering I got screwed twice.

Bottom line, by 12:30am the next day, there was no Maya and this booker, for whatever reason (maybe another call, or perhaps a booked extra hour with another client), kept me going until I decided to stop this thing.

The same thing happened with Devilish/GOF. Their famous "10-minutes" ended up costing me almost 1.5 hours

With Devilish/GOF it began with "she'll be there in 10-minutes", until after almost 40 minutes, I was told the last call or client booked an extra hour without him, the booker, knowing anything about it I replied I understood and it sucks when that happens. How can I help? The booker, in his fustrated voice, apoligizes, thus eliciting compassion and understanding from me. Bottom line, with all the excuses, the girl came to my place almost 1.5 hours after the agreed time frame. He kept me on a thread and made money for the agency. I understand he works for the agency and not for me.

So far, it has been my experience that Montreal XXX Tase and Eleganza have delivered on time. I called them twice, with no bullshit, and the girls were here plus or minus 30 minutes. I am patient and can wait. What I hate is the bullshit. All I want to know is when will the girl get here, period. It really is a simple concept.

Have you guys encountered copious amounts of excuses? I am really curious to know the various excuses that are out there