I'm going to Montreal for what used to be an annual birthday trip with my wife. We couldn't go last year, and she won't be able to go this year. A couple of weeks ago, she sent me an email at work. I thought you might enjoy it:

"You're still going to Kamp Po-Ka-Ho next month, right? Can I help you pick out your camp counsellors?"

We've spent the past few evenings looking through agency and indy websites. It's absolutely amazing what she's come up with and how differently she uses the same visual information available to me. For example, I should've expected that she'd notice shoes, but that surprised me as did how strongly she felt about them. She also commented that one or two girls had ugly toes. Personally, I hadn't noticed they had feet.

More insightful were a couple of times she noticed "she's really sucking it in" or "those are pretty big thighs she's hiding" when I hadn't. She had strong feelings about who looked comfortable with their bodies and who didn't. She thought some would have little idea how to use their bodies while others would really know how to. One she is absolutely convinced is a gymnast ("she looks as if she'd be wonderfully flexible - you'd love that.") One girl she thought "would be more interested in her hair than in you," while of a couple of others she opined "there's no way that age/cup size/weight is correct." She picked out one girl with huge tits that surprised me since she prefers them small. When I asked, she replied "but just look at the rest of her... my God! Though I'm worried you'll have a seizure trying to keep your eyes on them once they get moving." She brought several girls to my attention that hadn't really been on my radar before and now I can't understand how I overlooked them. There were two that I didn't think were my type of whom she insisted "please, please have her - I promise you'll love it, and if you don't I'll find some way to make it up to you."

The most fascinating part to me was that after a few hours of looking at photos of escorts, the list of potential "camp counsellors" she came up with parallels amazingly well with the girls who get some of the best reviews here. There are still a few girls working whom I saw on a previous solo trip and she zeroed right in on what my own experience told me. It's really got me wondering why it is I can't discern this stuff at all from photos and she can. It's certainly not fair.

I'm really looking forward to my stay at Kamp Po-Ka-Ho.