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Thread: Gonorrhea and the policy of this board - a suggestion

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    Gonorrhea and the policy of this board - a suggestion

    The mods should not have closed the preceeding thread. It goes to show that they are stuck with a genuine conflict of interest here. On one hand, the purpose of this board is to provide valuable information to the readers but on the other hand, they have commercial interests to take care of.

    At any rate, I could suggest this: if a member gets infected and wishes to inform the community as to the person who infected him, there should not be any problem, as long as his statement reflects the truth. If this statement turns out to be untrue, that infected member will be subject to a libel and slander civil suit. And in order to properly protect the administrators of this board, this member should provide his true identity to the mods before his statement can be published. (His identity being of course confidential with the mods until a formal request be made to them by the alleged guilty party.)

    This way, the administrators of this site will be proctected, because they will have taken all the necessary measures to insure that the possible victim can obtain a judicial compensation in case of libel

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    Phil, this has been explain numerous times. I see no point to start over. No need to reopen a new thread again.

    Thread closed.

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    Hello phil,

    I do not know exactly what thread your are referring to but if it is the thread on gonorrhea that was started by erase, it is still open for on topic discussion as per my last post in the thread.

    Mod 8

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