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Thread: Rant about cagey MPs

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    Rant about cagey MPs

    Quote Originally Posted by slow down View Post
    So, I'm driving up St. Lawrence and I figure, quick call to VT, "who's working and available in 5 minutes"? "Maxine". "Is she new"? "yes, about 1 month". "How old is she and who does she resemble"?

    "Sorry, we can't give out this information"....oops, I went to far. I kept driving and went elswwhere....time for VT to change receptionist or policies
    I FUCKING hate the MPs that pull that. Age and description are hardly along the lines of 'she'll blow you without a condom for $32'.

    Clients are shopping around, age and a short psychical description are hardly going to get a place busted. This 'we can't say on the phone' crap is a puddle-headed attempt to give a place legitimacy (or the girl is a 50 year-old hog), just like girls who won't tell you what the options are, and wait for you to ask, as if that will get them off some prossie bust, if it is happening. The legit places will assign a 6'5" masseuse named Gunter and charge $100/hour, not a 5'3" girl named "Mercedes" or "Porschia" dressed in a belly T & a skirt that barely covers her pussy clad in crotchless panties, charging $40 for the time spent.

    Here is a free clue for MPs & Girls: If the cops want to bust you, they will bust you, whether or not you gave a description on the phone, or whether or not you trot out the price list, up-front, the minute you engage in the actual act. Oh, and by the way, a hand job is just as illegal as a blow job or humping a cock. So save it, whip out the condom, and let's have some real fun.
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