CALGARY - A pair of female sex slaves purchased for $8,000 by undercover police posing as aspiring pimps are part of two shocking human trafficking operations busted this week.

In one case, a woman is charged with posing as a hair stylist to run three bawdy houses by advertising erotic services through free online classified ad sites.

The second investigation centres around a suspect who allegedly used the Internet to lure young girls to Calgary from elsewhere in Canada with the promise of a modelling career--but put them to work as prostitutes instead.

Both cases spurred Calgary police to lay human trafficking charges for the first time. And police say they believe there are more victims to be found.

Police allege the first case revealed a human trafficking ring that operated out of three homes and used a hair salon as a front to receive calls from customers and arrange transactions involving sex with young girls for money.

The woman arrived in Canada on July 15 with a visitor status that expires in January. She told authorities she had been providing massage services in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary since September, according to Immigration and Refugee Board transcripts obtained by the Herald.