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Thread: Nominations for the Best GFE of 2009.

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    Nominations for the Best GFE of 2009.

    Hello all,

    I hate to do this for two reasons. Some great ladies are bound to be left out of the poll, and the winner may be likely to raise rates. But, here it is. Whether this is done depends on your interest.

    Please nominate only the ladies you have met in 2009. Nominate more than one if you wish or cannot decide on just one. Remember there are only 10 spots to fill in so feel free to nominate and/or second ladies who are already mentioned. Those who get named most in this thread get a place in the poll. Otherwise I was wondering if there are ties in the nominations and not enough places if the nominations by more credible senior members should get preference? ( if two or more ladies have one nomination each then it depends on the more credible member who nominates her; and yes I already know seniority does not equal greater credibility ). Other suggestions to chose between ties for a place on the ballot are welcome.

    Since I am the thread starter I will not nominate anyone to avoid a conflict of interest. But I will vote.

    Nominations will be taken for 10 days only.

    There's only one category...Best GFE.
    (That's sheep, gerbils, blow-up dolls, or sex robots)




    One amendment:

    In case of a tie when using the more credible senior member standard any senior member can have only one choice put on the ballot so that the last few choices on the ballot does not get packed with any one members' choices. I hope you all understand what I mean. Anyone can still nominate more than one lady. Or you can make suggestions on that step too.

    Second amendment:

    Only pure hobbyists can nominate, including lesbian or bisexual women. No agency owners. That means you too Claude. I'm already letting known Yankee fans in and it's killing me.

    Third Amendment:

    A maximum of 3 nominations per member is allowed. If anyone gives more then only the first three names are valid.

    Quote Originally Posted by xxxxxxxx View Post
    Jasmine nominated for the Best GFE of 2009? Wrong!

    What I read about Jasmine, she might be nominated as Best PSE of 2009 than GFE...
    ***Keep in mind there is a count going on. This is for fun, but many may and will take it very seriously for various reasons. Statements like the above are unclear about intent. I don't want to have anyone say...hey I nominated her and she should have been in the poll. So let's be clear that statements like the one above that do not specifically make a nomination or a second are not being counted. If you want someone in you must say so directly...not hint at it.

    AND, many escorts use the same name. So please identify the agency the lady works for or if she is independent to be sure the right one is nominated.


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    I am going to go with Carmela of Eleganza and Charlie of Devilish. They were both great and I see no reason to pick one over the other.

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    3 choices, Merlot:

    Vicky at VickyVix, Allyson at MGOF, Scarlett at XXXtase
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    May i nominate 40 girls??


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    Make XXXTase your first choice.

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    what are the categories?

    for me

    milf : Jessy and karisha from annonce123

    bbw: bbw vero and mistress monay

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    The legendary Karyna was still working in the begining of 2009, she gets my nomination!

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    Alexa with Mia or, if CBJ disqualifies her in the minds of some, Anita at DC.

    I can nominate 3? Okay, add Vicky Vix then!
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    J Edgar Whoever

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    I just bade her good evening about 20 minutes ago...the one and only Ms. Minx.
    The mounties always get their man.

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    for me its Catherine of FKS and Maxime of LaceandStilettos

    both are really great omg
    Catherine is young and classy GFE and Maxime is young and sensual GFE : fabulous, fantastic
    both are with all the acronyms of course...
    I would put Maxime of lace first
    Catherine of fks second and
    Lolani of lace third: also fantastic body, easy going and eager to please gfe!

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    Ok I am tossing in my nominations

    Maxime Mayfield - I think at 2H2
    Jessica - WOP
    Scarlett - XXXTase (she just left me 2 hours ago)
    Jennifer - MAE
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    Jasmine ex eleganza, ex GOF, ex xxxtase
    what a girl!!!

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    Who to nominate...?

    Allo Merlot,

    I suppose the only reason you permitted Yankee fans to participate is because the response requires no baseball sense.

    Hmmm...I am going to have to give this some serious thought and decide who I could possibly nominate...I will get back to you my good man...
    Enjoy life my friends....

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    Jasmine nominated for the Best GFE of 2009? Wrong!

    What I read about Jasmine, she might be nominated as Best PSE of 2009 than GFE...

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    I had one more to nominate, Britany from Devilish, very hot looking and a true GFE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alainrdl View Post
    Jasmine nominated for the Best GFE of 2009? Wrong!

    What I read about Jasmine, she might be nominated as Best PSE of 2009 than GFE...
    All the more reason for her to be nominated!!

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