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Thread: Loews or W?

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    Loews or W?

    Hi everyone,
    I come up to Montreal a couple times a year to enjoy the festivities. The last couple times I've stayed at the Intercontinental--which was fine, but I want to try something new. I'm looking for a mid- to large sized hotel (not boutique), provider-friendly, and as fun and elegant as possible. A place with some style but also some anonymity. The prices in early January are reasonable so I'm open to suggestion. I'm especially interested in the Loews or W; both seem kind of cool and attractive. Has anyone used them? (I've tried searching; there's not much on Loews and "W" is hard to search for....)
    Of course the bottom line is that I want a nice place that won't hassle me or an escort.

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    Never been to the Loews, but the W is part of a chain of large-ish boutique style hotels. is I believe the URL. It's located in Old Montreal, but not far from downtown either, and it's a pretty cool place.

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    Either one will do very nicely. They are both great hotels. I prefer the W only because they have a greater variety of "special" rooms. Both are top notch, well-run, SP-friendly, legit 4-star hotels to stay at.


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    The Loews Vogue is also considered a boutique hotel. But it's older than the 'W'. It's a nice & small hotel where i've stayed a dozens times or so. Only problem with it is that it's not as sp-friendly as it once used to be due to the fact you now need your room key to use the elevators. Guests have been known to meet their sps on the 2nd floor or give the front desk permission to let them go up (which i've also done). I don't know about the 'W' in regards to this since i've never stayed there.

    I also consider the Vogue unbeatable in terms of location, which is at the heart of the downtown core, across the street from the Hotel de la Montagne & a short walk from Ste-Catherine street, a block from Crescent & other well-known streets.

    There's a nice little cozy bar located near the lobby, but it's nothing (i've been told) like the club located near the lobby at the 'W'.

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    I wasn't aware that you now need a room key for the elevator at the Loews... That is annoying. So, I guess my vote goes more strongly to the W now. Thanks Doc.

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    Excellent--thank you all. That's extremely helpful. I remember staying once at a small hotel in Seattle and waiting eagerly for the provider's knock on the door... and instead getting a phone call from the middle-aged woman at the front desk who had checked me in a few hours earlier: "Mr. ____, there is a young lady here to see you ..." I could feel her icy stare over the phone. I don't care as much in Montreal, where the rules seem more mature (i.e., adult).
    thanks again

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    Both hôtels need a key to the elevator...
    Both are really Nice and comfy.
    If you are 20-35 yo W is your place
    35 up i would recommand the vogue.

    You could also Check those;

    hôtel de la montagne

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    At Crystal , you need the key to access the elevator (day and night). Therefore, it is not SP friendly. The first (and last) time I was there, the doorman was hitting at my sp. I had to wait for their conversation to end before I could bring her to my room. Still remember the looks on the people face.
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    [QUOTE=Doc Holliday;450166].

    I also consider the Vogue unbeatable in terms of location, which is at the heart of the downtown core, across the street from the Hotel de la MontagneQUOTE] ...or just stay right at the HDLM which has been voted a favourite place to stay by hobbyists. The place wouldn't rate a 4 star though like IC or Leows but it has its charms.

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    I agree that the HDLM is also a good place to stay. Very lively lobby at night, and very large rooms for the most part. One drawback about staying at the Loews Vogue is that i feel claustrophobic after a couple of days of staying there. The rooms are kind of dark & you can't go outside. At the HDLM, the rooms, in my opinion, are not as dark & you can go outside via the balcony in each room.

    There's also a nice little gym at the Vogue, while there's no gym at the HDML.

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    I never had a problem with the staff at either hotel.

    I usually just tell them Mr. so-and-so in romm XYZ is expecting me. I dress like I am going on a job interview: skirt, not too short, stockings, do not open up the blouse too low... in the elevator I can always roll the waist band of my skirt to make it shorter and open up a button or two on my blouse LOL

    Personally I like the Lowes better... I find the W too dark for my taste. The W is more modern in style (design, furniture etc)

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