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Thread: Ways to improve MERB.

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    Ways to improve MERB.

    I am starting this tread so that memebers can suggest ways to improve MERB. My suggestion is to have a "form" type of post.
    The vast majority of memebers do not post and only 40 or 50 memebers are regular posters. If there was a form type of posting then these memebers can call up the form and give us their info. An example of this would be if a memeber has visited a certain MP or SP they could just fill in on the form the Name used on the ad, the phone number, the prices and how they liked it or not. There could also be a small place to add separate comments.
    If there are othere suggestion for improving MERB, I am sure the administrators would like to hear from you.

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    I agree with you.
    Let's say all** merbite must post at leat on review per 6 month. (this is just a suggestion, a minimun)
    Because some member are here, hang around, ask about our best SP, don't post any reviews.
    They don't contributed to the board.

    **except owner agency or lady.

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    One of the reasons we have so few posters compared to members is that their is a tendancy to rake newbies over the coals for even the slightest mistake, like posting in the wrong section, or not knowing about how to use the search function.

    I know this because so many of my clients have complained to me about it.

    We have to go easier on newbies, if we want more posters.

    I don't need to name names, you know who you are.

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