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Thread: asking for help is forbidden on the site

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    asking for help is forbidden on the site

    I recently posted a 411 asking help to navigate on the strippres section. I was looking for a specific info that i could not find, even after browsing for 45 minutes here and then switching to google to be as uncessful. The strippre page itself is limited to a few pages display only.

    First reply was somebody preventing me that i could receive a blaze. Well, i thought to myself, if anybody be stupid and unrespectful enough to bitch somebody who ask help (wich is the whole purpose of the 411, asking felow help), i though this lack of respect and this show of neandertal agressivness should not be banish from the site, but from life.

    But there the answer came from a unexpected source : mod 11, asking me to simply brower and closing my request. So it seem we cant just ask for help on this site, there is a judgement on questions.

    Merb have been really useful tool for me in my years of hobbying, although i saw a lot of bitching and stupidity between merbs fellow, it was still viable, but in from of such a attitude from a administrator, i think my place is not here anymore.

    Thank you to all of you who posted review, i tried to collaborate a bit, i was late with a couple of ladys done that had no posting here.

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    Hello libidoslave,

    There are 45 pages of threads in the Strip Club section. Many of the threads deal with FS clubs including this thread about the Best FS stripper ever.

    There is also a similar thread to your own, on the second page in the SC section, where you could have added your inquiry instead of starting a new thread.

    In fact, I will move your original post to this thread where members will be free to reply to it.

    Mod 8

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