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Thread: SP's & Agencies...With No Restrictions on Race

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    SP's & Agencies...With No Restrictions on Race

    I was wondering if some you could name some Sp's or Indy's & Agencies
    that don't have any restrictions on the basis of race.The ones that you
    know of least.

    It would save lot time for some hobbyists & prevent disappointment for many.
    It might also save time& money for a number of SP's/Indy's.

    When responding please don't resort to personal attacks on SP's (who
    do have restrictions) or accuse them of being racist.


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    I used to say that the only way I'll become intimate with a woman
    is if I pay for it. Lol...seems like I won't even get that chance since
    no one knows of any SP's with no race restrictions. Or no SP's
    are willing to come forward and say that they welcome all.

    Lucky white guys !!! lol

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