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Thread: Ever had Mo-da?

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    Ever had Mo-da?

    A couple of years ago I was with a woman who was ten years younger than me. We would hang out and she would have fun pointing out our age differences. Her single mother was always hanging around too, and she was exactly ten years older than I was. It was kind of neat being right in the middle. We'd sit on the couch with one on either side of me watching TV and one would get things the other didn't about popular culture or old movies. There were times when I connected a lot better with the older lady, but in general there was a happy threesome happening conversationally. Unfortunately, I never pushed my luck on this happening in the bedroom with a mother-daughter combo for a dish I'll call Mo-da. (mother-daughter). There was also a very slutty daughter in the picture which even I find offensive to think about combining into a another fantasy dish called gra-mo-da. (granny, mom, daugheter). Have you ever had or wanted one of these dishes?

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    I would love to have either of those dishes mo-da or gra - mo - da

    Closest I have came so far has been me and my friend picking up a girl (barmaid) and her slutty divorced mom at the club the girl worked at in Ontario.

    They brought us to their place. We paired off, he took the barmaid and I took the mom. We shared stories at the end.

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    I had a Mo-da-da experience with a triple table dance at Wanda's many years ago, a hot milf surrounded by her two daughters all dancing for me at the same time, but that was the closest I ever came to that fantasy. I've never forgotten it though!
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