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Thread: Shrinkage issues -- no jokes please -- this is embarrassing enough...

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    Shrinkage issues -- no jokes please -- this is embarrassing enough...

    Dear Members,

    I hope there`s a simple solution to this b/c it`s killing my ability to enjoy myself...

    I can stay erect when I am being given a and even a HJ but the moment the raincoat comes on, Junior just deflates and I have to resort to CIM.

    Understand, I am not complaining in the least bit about the CIM (in fact, I love it) but lately, it`s the only way I can finish. I love ``sushi`` but I also want to be able to do other positions as well.

    This used to happen rarely but it`s now happening more frequently. It`s killing me...I`ve tried almost everything: breathing exercises, relaxing, listening to music, waiting a little longer between sessions (nearly impossible given the ridiculous amount of babes here), etc. I know I can, uh, squirt more, but I am actually abstaining (!) to see if the shrinkage (using a Seinfeld term) will disappear.

    I`ve never smoked, I don`t drink, I am not overweight, I engage in light to moderate aerobics activity and I am very careful about what I eat so I don`t think it`s that. I took an extensive physical and was ranked in the top 5% for preferred coverage.

    I am not suggesting to not wear a raincoat, but I am hoping there`s a solution? I am not looking for chemical solutions since I know that has to be prescribed by a medical professional

    Please, no crude`s ego can only take so much...

    Thanks in advance...
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    You are asking us to provide you with a medical/psychological diagnosis given our extensive medical backgrounds and uncanny ability to diagnose sight unseen ?

    If it happens frequently go see your Doctor and if he can't help you ask for a referral to a urologist, shrink, sex therapist or other specialist who has experience in this. It may be age , it may be meds it may be some childhood adversion to balloons.

    We are not going to advise you to go bareback unless its with your SO and you are monogamous.

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    Try changing condoms IE brands, sizes, texture.

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    Dee, what part of "no jokes please" don't you get? Please erase your post. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by master_bates View Post
    Try changing condoms IE brands, sizes, texture.
    The condom you use may be too tight.

    Another thing may want to consider is to tell the girl your problem. Ask her to give you kiss you where you get aroused; like on the neck, ears, wherever on the faceL wherever it may normally get you aroused.

    Also, I went to a health food store and got some herbs that helped. It probably was not like Viagra or Cialis, and it may have been psychological, but I noticed that I was able to last longer and I was harder longer with the condom than I would normally be. I usually have trouble after the third day of a trip.

    Bottom line, you need to experiment like Master B suggested.

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    Abstain from pleasuring yourself. Otherwise you might desensitise the penis head and get used to a different kind of rythm, pressure and tension that you get when you do vaginal sex. Also, stick to missionary for a while since it gives you more control over the angle and the tension you need to stay hard. Doggy works too for that but you have to be in shape, otherwise you might get distracted and lose you hard on once you start getting tired or start getting leg or lower back pain. Cardio exercises the last few days and the day of the encounter should help to keep the blood flowing.

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    Try getting used to wearing a rubber, don't wait when you're in full action with a girl to wear one.
    When you're alone and get a hard-on or watching porn, put a condom and try to keep your erection. You could even jerk yourself to get used to it.

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    It's either mental or physical. Either way your going to have to get yourself checked out. Or you will just think about it all of the time (mental) or if there really is a problem (physical) you'll never know.

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    I have a theory on this matter. Could it be that some guys like you and I do enjoy a good massage with a happy ending and get use to this sort of activity? When you have to do a penatration there is also physical activity that is involved, if you do this less and less there is a reluctance to do a work out. The 2 things that might help this matter is, more physical activity to strenthen your abdominal muscles, and the famous but elusive sex surrogates you hear about on television to train to enjoy penetration.

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    I supect that this condition is very common, as I have the same problem.

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