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Thread: McGill-trained US Dentist in French Language Trouble

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    McGill-trained US Dentist in French Language Trouble

    She's kinda hot. Anyone wanna volunteer to teach her French?

    Quebec refuses to grant U.S. citizen a temporary permit to practise dentistry because she didn't learn French despite training at McGill University. She now commutes daily to Plattsburgh, N.Y., to tend to patients

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    ... says she truly wants to learn French, but the province won’t grant her a temporary permit to work in a francophone environment, which would help her master the language.

    ... a United States citizen and a permanent resident of Canada, studied at McGill – and therein lies her problem. It’s a predicament shared by dozens of McGill-trained professionals who came to study in Quebec from the rest of Canada or other countries, and who now find themselves unable to get temporary work permits in this province.

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    Yet another idiotic application of Bill 101.

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    Wow, I need a teeth check, whatever language...

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    At least she hasn't been kicked out of Mtl or from the country, like the Mohawks are currently trying to do in Kahnawake (near Montreal). If you're a white man living there, they want you to pack your bags & get out. Even if you're married to a native woman & have kids, you can't stay there. But if you're a native man married to a white woman, she's allowed to stay & their ruling has no effect on your status. Worse, the provincial & federal governments don't want to get involved. Some critics have went so far as comparing the situation to early Nazi-era Germany.

    Mohawks kicking non-natives off the reserve

    Why Mohawks are kicking non-natives off the reserve

    Band council accused of meddling in peoples' lives, say critics
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    I guess we will never know the tooth

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