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Thread: Annonce123 - New Format?

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    Annonce123 - New Format?

    Has anybody else noticed the new format for A123? It used to be that you could click on the "Rencontres" header and it would take you to the disclaimer page. Click on that and you were in.

    Now, you have to select which sub-folder you want to browse. Something new? Or is it just me?

    Not a biggie, but I'd prefer to see all the ads at the same time instead of going folder by folder.

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    I always been able to browse with sub-folder...

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    It was a lot easier to click on "rencontres" and sort desired ads by some key words or location... I noticed too yesterday. It's a downgrade to my opinion.

    I guess it allows them to place some ads on the right side of the page.

    Yes Wilko, sub-folders were always available.

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