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Thread: Happy Birthday Techman

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    Happy Birthday Techman

    A most Happy Birthday to the guardian of Tech Truth, and scourge of the heathen.

    Many Cheers,

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Techman!!!

    Enjoy your day and may you have many, many more!

    Have fun,


    PS Sorry for the only posting only links - but pics only show up in sports threads...HEY maybe the mods can turn the pics on in this thread!???
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    Enjoy life my friends....

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    Happy B-day Techman!

    I hope you will still live long enough to assist to the discovery of new technologies...and new SP!
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    Happy B-Day!! Go get laid.....

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    Oooh, couldn't pass up the chance to wish Techie a Bonne Fete. So did you end up at la Caleche du Sexe like I dared you to? Or did you go all dignified on me and had a grand ol'time at some hoity-toity big eatin' place? And of course you had a few honeys accompanying you along, mr. Smooth...still haven't forgiven ya (well okay, I have ) for cock-blockin' me on more than one occasion with not just one, but 3 stunning babes!!
    okay, enough foolishness from moi. So hope you had a great time, best wishes from THIS carrier of scrotum worms!! (it must be true, Captain Sycophant SAID so!!) to you, the favorite target of all blue-skinned smurfs out there!! last round's on ME, bud!

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    I wish you a very happy birthday Techman. We obviously sit on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to IT, though we seem to have similar tastes when it comes to SCs and that's the only thing that matters.

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    Happy Birthday to one of the best here, T-Man!
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    Hummm... Gonna take the word that you don't have any implication into the escorting businnes to
    be confortable to offer you this one ;-)

    Hi hi hi !

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    Happy Birthday, Techie. Here's hoping someone got you that iPad you've been drooling over.
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    Happy birthday, Mr. Techman....

    I wish that you had a great B-Day...

    MD xx xx xx

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    Happy B-day!

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    Hey Tech, hope you had a great Birthday. i got your first beer when we go to Cleo's again sometime this spring or summer!

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    Thanks for all the great wishes, guys! And the lovely ladies too of course!! The habs won on my birthday so what more can I ask for? OK, two more wins starting tonight would be nice, but I guess I can't ask for too much now can I? Wouldn't want to get greedy now.

    Sorry rumples, no iPad this year but I did treat myself to a new 24" Samsung display for my PC.

    Thanks again everyone! The kind words warmed my cold little heart.
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