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Thread: Montreal or Toronto?

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    Montreal or Toronto?

    Hi all,

    I've been reading this board for a while and wanted to humbly ask your opinions, those of you who have seen SP's in both Montreal and Toronto. Which city do you prefer to hobby in? I was in Montreal earlier this year but didn't get a chance to hook up with any girls and I'm trying to decide whether to go back there or try Toronto instead.

    I've been reading through Terb as well, and it seems the prices are a bit higher there than in MTL. Other than that, are there any "intangibles" that would make you prefer one city over another for hobbying?

    I'd really appreciate your opinions. Thanks.

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    Did I block them? Sorry man, lemme check to see what I did. Musta clicked on the wrong thing...

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    Okay, i think i've got it working again.

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    These threads contain the opinions you are looking for:

    Montreal rules...

    Days of the Mecca have abated...

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    Perhaps we could get the expert opinion of breadman, who has hobbied frequent enough in both destinations, on the matter.

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    Thanks, jb. Some good threads there with many people's viewpoints. I'll look through those.

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    A very tough subject....Toronto vs. Montreal. We can also add in Niagara Falls and any other medium size town that has a draw (bars, stripclubs, mp's and escorts).

    Lets start with Niagara...very close to the border, lots of amout of escort talent available but some of the best stripclubs around....although pricey. Nice to stop for a day or two.....longer forgetaboutit.

    Toronto...decent stripclubs, a nice selection of escorts with pics that are viewable on agency websites...but the prices are getting out of hand (at both stripclubs and agency's). Mp's have some of the hottest chicks around though...and their prices arent that bad considering the escort rates.

    Montreal...decent stripclubs but most with cover unlike Toronto, but they have cheaper dances. The escorts are a bit harder to pick from since websites often lack pictures...or those pictures cant be trusted. But the cost is more get the occasional letdown...but they usually dont hurt the pocket as much.

    To find a good selection of talent available a city must have a decent population...that's why the falls isnt my first choice to stop over. Then you have to figure in expenses...are you flying or driving? If your flying the cost difference between both Toronto and Montreal are very close. Then you just choose between the two.

    Lets cover stripclubs....Montreal has a good selection to check out....downtown Toronto only has half a dozen...and not very close together. Better clubs are farther out in the burb's and a car is needed. And the bar scene in montreal is a bit more condensed for easy jumping around...and they have some of the best looking women around....

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    If anyone does decide to check out Toronto try to avoid the parking lot they call the '401'. Rush hour starts at 6am and runs till 2pm....then starts again at 3pm and ends again at 7pm.

    An old man with a walker can move faster than that traffic.

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    True Mrstallion, but this may be the simple case of the agencies charge more in Toronto, so why not try and get the same $ in Montreal?

    If enough guys are willing to pay more, then the agencies and girls are fools if they do not attempt to form the market.

    Likewise, if guys can be selective or curb the hobby until the market returns to normal conditions, then the market will return in favor of lower prices and higher quality.

    In the case of agencies like IN and French companions, the US market is open, but girls have to travel and face the remote possibility of LE in US cities. Expenses are higher for the agencies when girls travel (air fare, hotel, meals) and the agencies are charging relatively the same in the US ($300 hr. US - the US market will not support higher fees) as in CA ($300 CA or $500 2/hrs. CA). I think eventually the higher end market in Montreal will either succumb or be limited to fewer agencies.

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    You'll also find alot of montreal strippers in the falls at the sundowner and seductions during the summer months when the tourists arrive in droves. Come down by train and stay for a couple of weeks...

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    A wealth of information here. Thanks, breadman, mrstallion2003, daydreamer41, and ElfGoneBad for your detailed responses. Looks like I'll probably be headed back to MTL sometime this year. Lower rates are a big help, and I noticed how everything was within walking distance too, as was pointed out, which is always nice for someone who won't be driving. This board is a terrific resource.

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    Seductions in the 'falls is about as close as you'll come to a fs sc in Ont but it's not as open about it as clubs like Frontiere or Hilltop.

    The mp's in Toronto are pretty good, but you probably get more consistent and better sp's in Montreal

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    Originally posted by daydreamer41
    ...the agencies are charging relatively the same in the US ($300 hr. US - the US market will not support higher fees) as in CA ($300 CA or $500 2/hrs. CA)...
    I don't know why anyone in the Montreal area would pay $300/hr for an escort (no matter how stunning) that will give you only 1 SOG, when with a little patience and selectivity you can get a very good looking, young Montreal incall these days @ $80 for a half hour.

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