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Thread: IMHO What's wrong with boards in general.

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    IMHO What's wrong with boards in general.


    Want to know what’s wrong with this (and many other boards?) Flame throwers who think they are the behavior police. (i.e. ‘Leglover’s posts chastising Maylee for responding to my original post about the art of the ‘after finish’ –
    "Re: Ms. Clean

    Originally posted by maylee
    Thanks Phill to have thought about discussing this topic.

    It is true that a bad one minute clean up can ruin the experience of the good 59 minutes that came before.

    I used to use towels for this purpose, but for a while I swiched to baby wipes because that way my clients could see that I was using a fresh one every time.

    I have now started again to use small facecloths because you mentioned that cloth feels better. I keep a pile of fresh facecloths in my work area for this purpose.

    For best results I use Tide high efficiency

    Maylee not new, but still improved

    There is a special section fot advertisdement in this board that you can promote your services there. Please do not advertise in those sections that are for discussions. This request has been asked you several times before but you again and again ignore it.



    This is typical of the type of behavior I’m talking about. The administrators have a choice: either this board continues to be a simple site for posters to boast about ‘how far they got with a certain MP’ – kind of like what I used to do when I first started ‘feeling girls up’ in high school and couldn’t wait to run home and tell all my friends – or it can foster intelligent discussions about massage. I would much rather have masseuses contribute to the site and talk about how they ‘do it’ than read about a bunch of adolescents brag about ‘playing stinky fingers’. If the administrators/moderators allow people like ‘Leglover’ (and many others – Andy Kaufman et al) to flame intelligent contributions the site will descend into the types of discussions usually reserved for high school courtyards full of juveniles. Masseuses should be encouraged to contribute – flamers should find somebody else to pretend their tough with.
    Phil ‘No wonder Bob Crane stopped contributing’ Collins

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    I think that part of the problem here might be that, while yes we want to see some thoughtful contributions here from both sides, frustration does rain down with certain MP's begin to hold such power that they can get posts deleted without anything negative in them.

    I posted about the Massage article, never mentioned anything, and had my post deleted.

    I think that too be honest, unless a post is overtly nasty, overtly puts someone in danager then let them run with it, if posts are deleted for no reason, it begins to make you wonder what is up, is the board really open to all, or is it a special interest group devoted to certain MP's.

    While it is of no interest what is used to clean wash cloths, people should post it, and if someone feels it is a shameless plug, they should be able to say harm done.

    No, lets see if I have pissed anyone off this time, and if this post gets delted...

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    OK then so where do you want to see service providers make intelligent comments that are in DIRECT RESPONSE to a comment in a thread?


    Who doesn't see anything wrong with Maylee's comment; who also appreciates her not too subtle joke.
    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Well, forgive me if I am worng, but this is the MERB...Montreal Escort Review Board.

    My understanding of that is to say that this was a place for the clients to post reviews of both MP's and SP's.

    Their service, looks, the general feel for the experience.

    When the board becomes a place where posts are deleted for really no reason...and the reason they are deleted is because an MP or SP felt it should be...what DOES that say.

    If someone posts a bad review of girl X from agency Z, is it right that that review get delted because it hurt the girls feelings?

    Is it right a post get deleted because someone feels it is a plug for someones services and says so?

    I'm sorry, but I think, in my opinion that something has been lost as a result of allowing SP's and MP's to have access to all parts of this site, I think something is wrong when they can have a post removed because of "who they are" or because they felt it hurt them in some way.

    I know this has been stated before, but maybe it is a thought to be revisited, if the actual members, the CLIENTS feel they can not post here freely, then what is the point of this board at all?

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    Once I thought I was wrong but......

    This may surprise you but I think you have a point. This is a site designed to exchange reviews of various sex industry providers - not a literary exchange. I don't think providers should have the right to have posts deleted just because of who they are. Posts should only be deleted if they break rules. My original point is meant more as a warning to "Flamers" who delight in acting like behaviour police. If you have an issue with a poster - save it.
    Oliver - I never suggested everyone at this site is stupid. There are many posters who's intillect I appreciate (including yours). I don't have PM or email because I feel if you have something to say to me say it in the public forum.

    Phil 'Humble Pie' Collins

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    I don't know how long you have been around here, but this Board has a long history of being plagued by shill posters. Some have been successfully outed and their reviews exposed as garbage.

    There have also been some abuses by providers of the direct response option, as described by Lawless. There have been numerous "end around" type posts that are de facto advertisements.

    As a result it is essential for senior posters to police the Board. The Mods do a good job lightly moderating the Board but they need help. Unfortunately, sometimes flames will result when you step on the toes of a shill. Shills like to scream and they resist efforts to expose them. That's the way it goes.

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    Mod 2
    I am sure Fred will eventually want to jump in at some point. In the meantime, Let me give my take on this story.

    First, Greenman's original post has been deleted because of something that has been mentioned to him in a PM by Fred himself. Greenman, you have all rights to say, PRIVATELY to Fred, that you do not agree with his decision, but please don't act as if you don't know what is going on. You have been contacted about this. Please, MOVE ON.

    Regarding posts/threads being deleted, if ANYONE (SP, MP, or client, regardless) writes to us and tell us that they are concerned about their privacy because so and so said this, and/or this and that info is personal, the post is gone. INSTANTLY. Public boards are great for sharing information, but NEVER at the cost of crossing the privacy line.

    Now, just to make sure you all understand my point of view, please be assured that a post WILL NOT be deleted for simple censorship. If someone doesn't like what is being said about him/her, I will NOT delete the post because you ask me, except if board rules have been violated. I never did and never will play favoritism.

    Secondo, Yes this board is for everyone to express an opinion, for BOTH service providers and clients, and it has NOTHING to do with advertising revenues. The rules are clear: You are not allowed to post any advertisment other than in the advertisement section, and for this you have to be a paid advertiser. However, all service providers ARE allowed to express their opinion, as long as it's not advertising stuff and that other rules (like name calling and flame wars) are not violated. Now regarding the right to start a new thread for those living off of this business, it's debatable, and I will run a poll to get everyone's opinion. I just hope it's not only the very few usual criers who will post their comments. Democraty is great, but if we don't have at least some kind of quorum, it's useless.

    One other thing that has been mentioned a few times recently is the fact that our actions don't appear to be consistent. Please bear in mind that sometimes up to a few hundred posts are made here daily, and reading everything is almost a full time job. We will act upon the situations we notice, very consistently, but we don't see everything. If you feel something has been overlooked, by all means, send us a PM, either to me or Fred Zed. Again, we will act upon whatever you submit us solely based on applicable board rules.


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    I wanna be a cowboy


    It dosen't matter how long I've 'been around' - my point is exactly that:

    "As a result it is essential for senior posters to police the Board."

    Who decided the 'senior posters had to police' the board ?

    The owners of the site run a commercial site for profit. It is up to them to contol the 'quality' of the information posted. It is up to them to ensure the content of the posts are credible (or people won't return to the site - and then the advertisers won't pay for banners).

    Did they ask for help? If so, how does one 'qualify' for behavior police? Can I apply?

    The moderators have a job to do - let them do it - THEMSELVES.

    Phil 'I want a badge' Collins

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    Mod 2
    Well... Lawless, let's both continue to use our heads. Yes, if a provider tells me a post is a threat to her privacy, it will be deleted... The "instantly" is obviously after reading it and making sure of what he/she claims, of course. Mind you, a bad review is NOT a threat to someone's privacy.

    Please reread my last sentence in the previous post: "If you feel something has been overlooked, by all means, send us a PM, either to me or Fred Zed. Again, we will act upon whatever you submit us solely based on applicable board rules."


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    sorry, i rethought what was writen, and have removed it of my own will.
    Last edited by Greenman; 09-27-2004 at 12:27 AM.

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    Phil Collins,

    You have not been around here long enough to get it.

    First of all, you obviously don't know that Mod2 has stated on this Board numerous times that he cannot see everything, and he has encouraged senior posters to "discourage" violations of Board rules and shilling. So your question about "who decided" has already been answered - many times. I doubt you ever read any of those posts, or you would not be asking these questions.

    Regarding your question about helping to run the Board, once you have shown yourself to be a constructive poster, your help and input is welcome.

    Finally regarding privace issues alluded to in the posts above by Mod 2 and Lawless, we have seen a small number of privacy rule violations lately. How would you like it if potentially self identifying information was posted about you Phil Collins? The type of car you drive, the location of a birthmark, the name you use when you check into a hotel? You would want it deleted immediately, would you not? An escort protecting her own privacy certainly has the right to expect the same whether she is a paying member or not, whether she advertises or not. Privacy is an issue unto itself that should not be linked to any other issues.

    I have already stated that I believe privacy rule violators should receive the death penalty - immediate banishment in addition to deletion of the post. Otherwise the Board will rapidly lose membership and go the way of Canbest.

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    Mod 2
    Originally posted by EagerBeaver
    First of all, you obviously don't know that Mod2 has stated on this Board numerous times that he cannot see everything, and he has encouraged senior posters to "discourage" violations of Board rules and shilling.

    While I thank you very much for all your support (as well as everyone else), I just want to put one thing straight. When I asked multiple times for help, I did not ask posters to act upon violations of the board rules themselves, but to report them to me or Fred Zed by PM.

    You are still all welcome to voice your comments about other posts and/or your suspicion about shills publicly, but ONLY as long as no board rules are violated by doing so.


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    I am sorry if my post was misleading, I think the sentiment I was trying to convey is that senior posters should report any rules violations to you and also remind other posters of what the rules are, so that they are encouraged to obey them.

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    I wanna' be a 'SENIOR MEMBER'....

    I agree with you 100%. Privacy is the single most important aspect that the board provides. What we do (I don't mean posting) is against the law. If there were no privacy, there would be no posts. Not only should privacy violators get the death penalty, it should be administered in a slow and painful way.
    My main point is this:
    At the bottom of every post there is a button that says: Report post to moderator.
    Nowhere does it say: Attention 'senior members' please take a moment to humiliate the poster.
    The onus is on the owners of the site - to run it in such a manner that people will continue to refer to it (and thereby ensure the posts are credible), to read the posts, to respond to the advertisers. They have taken the responsibility upon themselves to link each post with a 'report post to mod' button, this is their way to ensure 'the behavior police' have a means to assist them with policing the posts. If they need - and ask for help - fine; FOLLOW THE RULES: REPORT THE POST TO MODERATOR. PERIOD.

    Phil 'did I really say what we do is against the law?' Collins

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    I think at the beginning, the problem came from guys who told their MP or SP about this site....

    It is good to advertise and discuss to some about here (they can contribute as well)...but I have been told about a MP that a guy told her to be "carefull" about this site and that "he is caring for her about her reputation"....???

    So to all "White Knights" that play "the nice gentlemen" by telling any MP or SP about here, I am just saying that you disgrace the reason of this site.

    But to all of those who think clearly that telling a MP or SP about this site will make her contribute as well, I think it is a good long as she is willing to accept criticism....this site is about well as the Montreal-restaurant internet guides....

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