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Sep 29, 2003
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Parish for President!

Voilà an escort who speaks the truth!

If you want to show the way and lead an insurgency against this price-hike trend, I will gladly take up arms (and legs) and lick your stamps (or anything else). :D
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J. Peterman

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Feb 26, 2004
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How high can prices go?

Ultimately, the market will determine what prices are for any commodity or service. I have seen ads for HDH for $300-$400- and $600 encounters, but how many takers are there at these prices? On the other side of the coin, just look in the Journal de Montreal for $100 per hour encounters. There are some independants that offer services for $70 per hour, $50 per half hour. In the last little while some of the independants are offering half hour BJ sessions for $40.
The economy is in deep GUANO at this time, and it might even get worse with the high price of oil hitting the $50 mark threatening to bring on a world ressesion. Analogy: Just because you see $150,000 Mercedes cars advertised for sale at the dealers, it does not mean everyone will be driving one.
My contact in HDH world tells me that things are drying up there and things are not like they use to be several years ago.
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