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Thread: On a lighter note

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    On a lighter note

    Ah yes, the day comes for my first professional message. I step out of my robe, slip under the white sheet and wait for Nikita (because really, wouldn’t it have to be a strong Russian name?) to begin the 55 minutes of pleasure. About a half hour into it, while I’m nearly in heaven, verging on that strata of syrupy sleep between consciousness and fantasy, I’m suddenly startled completely awake by the thought, “Should I moan louder to let her know she is doing a good job?”

    Just one of the little ways escorting has touched my life.

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    Miss Neophyte,

    That is too funny. I believe in quality moans. I'd rather you not make a sound than hurt yourself trying to give false impressions..LOL.

    Welcome to the board..

    mi nombre en inglés es "Good Sam"

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