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    Random Thoughts

    Ever been doing something in your normal day and something just triggers a thought about the hobby?

    A former board member sent me this and it got me thinking...

    The other day I went to buy something at Addisson and it was late in the afternoon so instead of fighting traffic along the Met to get home, I decided to take Pie ix south to the Ville Marie (whole trip south is only 5 mins) but when I got to Ontario St, I decided to drive along it for a bit. I wasn’t much past Papineau when in the distance I see a doophus Kramer-like character trekking along checking out every girl that passed. I started to laugh so hard in my car, thinking that some things will never change and in 20 yrs from now he might still be at it in his solar powered walker. You know the type with the little compartment up front to store a few Coffee Crisps just in case you need an emergency blow job from a skanky bruised 60 yr old.

    It made me wonder if any of us ever change or if we're all doomed to remain in the hobby til we die?
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    Doesn't the world end in 2012, so what's the point of worrying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techman View Post
    ...we're all doomed to remain in the hobby til we die?
    i was hoping to die in the process.

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    Old habits are hard to break, I'm certainly doomed to remain in this hobby till I die!

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