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Thread: Hotel with easy access

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    Hotel with easy access

    I am planning to visit Montreal again in October. When staying at W hotel last time, it was hard to get the escorts up to my room since the elevator required the room key. I am thinking about staying at the Westin or Sheraton. Can the escorts get up to my room without the key at these hotels?

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    I don't know about the Westin, but you will have no problems at the Sheraton.

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    1. Pick "advanced search" top-right of screen, in gray bar
    2. Select the tab called "Search Single Content Type"
    3. In "keyword" field, enter "hotel"
    4. Immediately to the right of the field above, select "search titles only" from the drop-down box.
    5. Scroll down to "Search in Forum" and select "GENERAL AREA - Montreal..." "The Lounge"
    6. 3 boxes below, you see the field "sort results by:" pick the option "last posting date" in the drop-down
    7. Right below, "show results as" you select "threads"
    8. hit "search now"
    9. Enjoy!

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    I stay at the Le Centre Sheraton all the time when I go to MTL. The Sheraton does NOT restrict access to the elevators. Your "guest" will be able to get to your room without requiring a room key.

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    Thank you so much. I will go ahead and make reservation at the Sheraton.

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    really nice hotel also, good location. enjoy!

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    Thank you so much. I will go ahead and make reservation at the Sheraton.

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