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Thread: Looking for a motel with a fantasy motif for an afternoon assignation .

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    Looking for a motel with a fantasy motif for an afternoon assignation .

    I am looking for a fantasy type motel for an afternoon rendezvous. Any suggestions?

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    the last of the mohicans
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    montreal or costa rica baby
    Motel ideal on lajeunesse...
    Red light suite... On the top floor ... Complete with stripper pole, heart shaped bed, large flatscreen...
    See through walk in shower.. Water beds.... Mini bar....
    I forget the room number? I might of mentioned it in an earlier post...
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    Hotel Le Rivage in Rosemere have many different kind of suites, just take a look at their website.

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    Le fabreville

    Many many themed rooms for all tastes
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Le Chablis on St-Jacques St. not far from the strippers Amazones. Ask for the 75$ room for 4 hrs. Dance pole, mirrors on the ceiling and on the side. Sofa, round table with bar stools and jaccuzi in the room. Nice room at a fair price.

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