Hello everyone,

We received this message by email and I think it suitable to post it, unedited, on MERB for everyone to read. This thread will not be open for commentary and, as per his request in the following message, this post will mark the end of any and all mention of StripperLover on MERB. He was one of the original members of both boards and I believe that is only fitting that his request be granted.

On behalf of all moderators past and present, and hopefully all members of MERB as well, I would like to wish StripperLover good luck in all his future endeavors.

Mod 8

I would like all recipients of this email to please take note (in no particular order) that I am sending this email to FredZed and all Merb Mods, as well as Tom and for him to please forward this on to his Merc Mods (canít find their email addresses) as he sees fit.

I have no objections if any of the recipients choose to post this email on their respective open boards. I do hope that if you do choose to post this on your board, that you do so in its unedited entirety. If you feel that you cannot post it or in its entirety then Iíll respect your choice.

It has come to my attention from a friend that the occasional mentioning of the name of StripperLover on the boards continues, even very recently where statements have been made that I am on ANY board. I have happily moved on with my life, in that these past choices of seeing escorts or going to strip clubs is no longer a part of me. I hope that you are all well and that you all find happiness in your lives in whatever journey that you choose to take.

To those who feel a need to try to taint my reputation as anything but being brutally honest, I cannot convince you otherwise of what you wish to believe, so Iíll just call you a friend if I ever see you in the street and move on.

I have not read the boards in years but I must admit with a couple of exceptions of a few months ago when a friend of mine asked me to do her a favour and read something in the lounge that upset her. I did as she requested and I hope that I took care of the situation as best I could. The subject matter had nothing whatsoever to do with the sex business of any sort. At that same time I had a momentary weakness and scanned the Lounge for a few days (maybe a week) where I read only one thread or I should say had a laugh over an Ipad discussion (if youíd like to call it that), followed by 2 threads (a couple of months ago) where a someone reviewed a girl and it got all blown out of proportion as others challenged the posterís version and finally the hockey thread. Since then I have not had any interest and have chosen to go back to not even opening up the boards at all.

Tom and Fred and all Mods, I hope that you both can find it in yourselves to disallow any future mention (positive or negative) of StripperLover on your boards. If you cannot find it in yourselves to respect my wishes, there is nothing that I can do other than to ask and leave it up to each of your individual better judgments. Kind of like a no review policy.

Tom, youíre in this business on the local scene long enough, and you more than anyone with all your local connections would know if I ever called or saw a single escort agency or Indy in years. You and I both know your involvement directly with the Montreal agencies and Indies on a personal level and all the gossip that is exchanged. Not to mention the countless hours of conversation that you and I had in the past about the people, the industry, the boards and the unwillingness for some in this business to grasp the concept of giving of oneís time in exchange for nothing in return.

To all, we all make our choices and mine are expressed here in this letter, so if you choose to continue to permit the continued assault against my handle when you know full well (by all the tools that Admins/Mods have via VBulletin) that I am not on your board, there is nothing that I can do, other than to make this request. I ask this on a personal level that supersedes the persona that was SL.

My past was just that, my past and whatever I said and did in it, relating to these boards or the people that I met over the years will remain just where I wish it to be, totally private.

All the Best