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Thread: LIVE WEBCAM question

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    LIVE WEBCAM question

    I am trying to find a website for live webcams. I have never tried the webcam world. I would be interested in hot babes that can satisfy my nylon fetish.. I would also like to "chat" with these girls and make requests on the types of clothes to wear, positions, etc...

    Can anyone help me with some useful links. I'm assuming that there are no free sites offering this, so I would like to try something non-expensive. I've been having a hard time trying to sift thru the massive amount of webcam girls and their complicated payment processes.

    Thanks everyone.

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    For local fun you can always try They have live amateur web cam shows.


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    Great website directory for webcams.

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    I believe Jessica of Thetis also does webcams. You may want to contact her.
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    man this shit is really expensive. i'd much rather visit an sp.

    I thought it would be like $20 or $25 per month..

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    If you want to direct the action, have the performers wear specific clothing items etc... you have to pay for that privilege.

    However, there are systems where you can join for a monthly fee and have access to a number of shows a day from various performers. Some will do special requests, but for the most part most perform based on their turn-ons and desires and you get to watch and chat with them. There is a good variety of women and couples on the systems.
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