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Thread: Best buffet thread.

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    Best buffet thread.

    What are the best buffets around town. I have tried Buffet Corfu on Masson near St. Michel. While the food is not the best I have ever had, it seems to be a very good value. $6.95 (lunch time) This place has a mix of Italain, greek, Chinese and Quebequois favorites.

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    La Perle (West Island)

    (thai and szechuan)

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    Vichey Jean Talon near Pie IX

    The Vichey buffet goes for $4.99 at lunch time. The food is not that great but it is a nice change from McDonalds at the same price.

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    Buffet maharaja

    This is a case of quantity over quality, a lot of choices but none of the dishes are spectacular, I found the butter chicken, which is one of my favourite indian dishes, (the one with the orangish sauce) to be very bland. Again, quantity over quality
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    chez paree few years ago when they still had buffets

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    I am affraid to eat at the strip club buffets.

    I was told once that they wheel the stuff they serve you today and wheel it out and serve it to you again the next day. I was told that if the food seems to be realy spicey, thats because they are trying to camoflage the stale odors in the old food.

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    I prefer the food at Super, although haven't been there for a while.

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    Where is super, and whats it like?

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    Opps sorry, Super = Super Sexe. The food is pretty good considering it's basically free. Even the strippers eat it.

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    Super Sexe

    Yes, the food weekdays at the Super Sexe is a great buy: just the tip for the doorman and the price of a bottle of beer. Plus you get the eye candy as an extra.


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    Got news for you Xman.

    Strippers eat just about anything.

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