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Thread: Privacy Considerations

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    Privacy Considerations

    One thing I have discovered is that the life of an SP is not easy in terms of concealing their occupation from family, friends, coworkers etc - anyone that might judge or make their lives difficult.
    It is very good to hear reviews on a girls service or attitude but comments about an escorts day job, hobby, what they are studying in school, country of origin, what ethnic community they are from, etc that come out in conversation during the session should stay with the session.

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    We are very vigilant when it comes to personal information that may be disclosed in a review. Any information we feel could compromise a lady's personal life is removed from reviews when it is found and the poster will be notified of the edit by PM. In most cases, the poster will be requested by PM, with an explanation, to make the edit themselves. Details such as ethnic origin are permitted in reviews as they are details which can figure in a client's decision on whether to book a lady or not.

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