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Thread: Recommendation for Asian Providers

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    Recommendation for Asian Providers

    Hello ll,

    I am visiting your beautiful city for couple of days and hoping to get some Asian action. I am into spinners and would like to GFE or GFE+ experience and would prefer outcall.

    Any suggestions for this newbie to this sites? I am still doing my home work by looking for info on this site.

    Please also let me know which Agency to avoid

    Do not know if this is right place, please excuse me if I made a mistake.

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    Does anyone had positive experience with this Agency?

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    Quote Originally Posted by desiguy1 View Post
    Does anyone had positive experience with this Agency?
    Maybe try doing a little reading/research, starting here... specifically Post #2 from 2005!

    it`ll save you time, energy, and mostly money
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    Kansas Frank
    When I was in Toronto, I experimented with various Asian escorts. I found Korean SP`s to be comparable to the GFE SP`s in Montreal. The Chinese SP`s were all about business and no passion and no DFK and the BJ`s weren`t the greatest. I had one of my best in TO from a Korean SP; she licked my Jr. all over until he was happy as a clam.

    I haven`t tried any Asian SP`s in Montreal. Too expensive. They are a dime a dozen in TO. I prefer the local born and raised talents.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you Voyager. I had looked at this thread and somehow missed this site.

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