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Thread: god blessed escorts compares to theses sites!

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    Cool god blessed escorts compares to theses sites!

    well my friends i just tried for 3 weeks theses so called french xxx sites where you can meet gilrs ect...yeah right!! all theses sites like montrealamateurs,pourtesfesses,joueravecle...ect... are all the same shit!

    so dont even think youll pick a hot girls on these sites cause there there for only one get the most attention possible..theres all this so called'''clik group''that spend there entire days and night yapping away and loving receiving compliments from these guys who are all fighting over the girls.if your new forget that too they only talk to the older members that dont work it seems and spend there entire life on it loll

    i love the one montrealalamteur where the girls open theres cam to tease but theres like 500000 young kids who never saw a naked woman before just fight to see who will have 2 phrases answered by these starting to wonder if there not payed by theses sites to be get mor frustrated then going to bars cause these girls have no life it seems always being on theses sites forever and loving getting attentions loll

    anyway all in all i tried to see but no thanks..i rahter payed a nice girl and get want you want then giving it to some shcmuck who tose is site from his basement somewhere and you get nothing in returned just the same people over anover yapping beetween them and all..

    god bless the escorts

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    well i give get mor frustrated on these sites then watching your home team loose!!

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