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Thread: New member, question about Hotels and ladies

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    New member, question about Hotels and ladies

    Sorry gents....I'm new to this board and have been on TERB for quite a while. This isn't a review but I didn't know quite where to post this question. I'm coming to Montreal for the first time and plan on staying at the Best Western Ville Marie. Does anyone know whether they are restrictive about visitors? Some of the hotels in Toronto are. As well if anyone has recomendations for hot PSE type athletic slender and very busty ladies I be glad for any direction before making some advanced bookings.
    Cheers gents and thanks for the advice in advance.

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    Hello Perseus.. Welcome aboard.
    Before I go any further.. Let me leave you with a quote..
    "may you let your inner dragon suck on the blood of chickens.. Until the egg is left without yolk"

    I hope that will guide you on your journey of surprises.

    You can find a few threads on hotels in the search.. That should have the necessary information on your desired location.
    About Busty pse..? I will get back to you....When are you visiting..?
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    Hi Persus

    MERB is full of information, including the one you are looking for. I suggest you use the "search" function, same way as on TERB.

    You are right, this isn't a review so, the worst place to make this post is in the review section. It belongs to the Lounge, same as TERB.

    Thread closed and moved to Lounge.


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